Hi! My name is Youko Inui, a name I've chosen for the feminine side of my persona. I am a Male to Female heterosexual Cross Dresser, living in Japan.
I am married to a very understanding Wife, who knows all about my cross dressing. She is supportive of my feminine attributes and helps me look my best. Though I spend most of my time in my male role,I must tell you that cross-dressing is a part of my life.

I like very much to put on kimono which is Japanese tradition clothes. I enjoy modeling and once I get dressed up, I just love the camera.In this site,there are photographs that I put on some kinds of kimono,and the other which took pictures of my life as a female.
Then, I will provide some information about kimono and so on for you.

Please,enjoy your stay.



Youko Inui
my birthday
July 30


I become happy when you flatter me.
And as for me, it will be generous to you.

about me

Male to Female heterosexual Cross Dresser

I wanted to put on skirt suddenly in the 10-years-old time. I have clung to disguising myself as a woman all the time since it.
Many times,I determined that resigned to female attire so far and threw clothes and cosmetics away. However, I am continuing the female attire now after all.
I treasure a pleasant sense that disguise myself as a woman. Then, I continue the pleasant sense by putting on the various kinds of clothes for woman.
I love the woman in male attire whom it suits. 

My Portraits:[Imagine](password:sunshine)


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